Industrial Chemistry

Magnesium sulphate Grade B MgSO₄*6H₂O

Magnesium Sulphate Grade B is a fully water-soluble fertiliser and a highly efficient source of magnesium and sulphur for plant.


It’s an ideal fertiliser for fertigation and for foliar application in open field and in greenhouses. Suitable for all crops, especially effective for vegetables.

Total Magnesium (MgO) 18%
Total Magnesium (Mg) 11%
Sulphur S (SO₃), min 13 (32.5)%
Chloride (Cl), max 0.01%
Insolubles, max 0.1%
Granulometric composition:
retained on 1 mm, max 5%
retained on 0.125 mm, min 90%
  • 25 kg bags
  • big-bags 1000 kg
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