Industrial Chemistry


AQUADROP NPK 5:15:45 is a water-soluble complex fertiliser in a form of ready-to-use mixture designed for open field fertigation of fruit and vegetable crops.


  • Wide range of formulations allows to provide plants with optimum mineral nutrition during the whole period of growth due to the balanced content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • Does not form mineral salt sediments in drippers and pipelines.
  • Safe for use in drip irrigation systems.
Total nitrogen (N), % 5
of which
ammoniacal nitrogen, % 3
nitric nitrogen, %
ureic nitrogen, % 2
Total water-soluble phosphates (on P₂O₅ basis), % 15
Total potassium (on K₂O basis), % 45
Chlorides (on Cl basis), % 34
Insolubles, max, % 0.1
Friability, % 100

Only suitable for open field drip-irrigation systems (not for use in greenhouses).

  • 25 kg PP bags

Store in a dry isolated place, away from the exposure to direct sunlight.

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