Industrial Chemistry

Potassium Nitrate NK 13.7-46.2

Highly-efficient nitrogen and potassium containing water-soluble fertiliser with high K₂O content.


  • SOLAR Potassium nitrate is considered to be a standard of chemical purity among similar products.
  • Application of potassium nitrate increases stress resistance of plants and improves quality of yield.
  • Ideal for use in greenhouses, fertigation systems, as well as for foliar fertilisation of cereals, vegetables, fruits and ornamental crops.

Appearance White crystals, yellowish-grey shade
Total nitrogen (N), % 13.7
Water-soluble potassium (on K₂O basis), % 46.2
Insoluble, max, % 0.01
Friability, % 100
  • 25 kg PE bags

Store in a dry isolated place, away from the exposure to direct sunlight.

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