Industrial Chemistry

Calcium Nitrate Concentrated

Exclusively by Uralchem.


  • The only source of water-soluble calcium for plants with maximum content of nutrients – 98% of calcium nitrate.
  • Low content of ammoniacal nitrogen and crystallized water absence (up to 30% in the import products) are additional advantages of concentrated products.
  • Calcium nitrate contributes to plants' stress resistance, improves quality of fruits and extends their shelf life.
  • High nutrients content leads to lower application rates.

*In comparison with 78% in standard products

Appearance White granules
Total nitrogen (N), min, % 17
nitric nitrogen, % 16.7
ammoniacal nitrogen, % 0.3
Calcium (on CaO basis), % 32
Insolubles, max, % 0.1
Granulometric composition, %
under 1 mm, max 5
1–4 mm, min 90
over 6.3 mm 0
Friability, % 100

Calcium nitrate should not be mixed with fertilisers containing phosphates and sulphates.

  • 25 kg PE bags
  • big-bags (500, 1000 kg)

Store in a dry isolated place, away from the exposure to direct sunlight.

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