Industrial Chemistry

NS 30:7

Innovative product. Perfectly balanced Nitrogen-Sulphur ratio. Efficient for most crops and for all soil types.


  • Water-soluble sulphur improves commercial properties of yield (increases oil content in oil crops, as well as protein content in cereal crops) and contributes to better nitrogen uptake.
  • Due to granulated form uniformly distributes on the soil surface during the broadcasting.
  • Improves plant uptake of phosphates and contributes to extraction of phosphate deposits from the soil.
  • Easy storage and application due to excellent physicochemical properties (does not cake, does not produce dust).
Appearance White to light yellowish-grey granules
Total nitrogen (N), % 30
of which
ammoniacal N, % 18
nitric N, % 12
Sulphates (on S basis), % 7
Granulometric composition, %
under 1 mm, max 1
2–5 mm, min 95
over 6.3 mm 0
Friability, % 100
  • in bulk
  • big-bags (500, 900 kg)

Store in dry isolated place, away from exposure to direct sunlight.

Nitrogen in both ammoniacal and nitric forms at a ratio 18% and 12% allows reducing nitrogen losses due to leaching and provides plant nutrition over a longer period of time, in comparison with AN

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